Remember services can be custom built so they really do fit in with your every need!

What's Included?

  • Initial consultation to ascertain and review current practice within your setting.
  • Policy and procedure development to ensure the policy meets both employer and National Guidance requirements.
  • Staff briefing regarding policy/procedures and best practice (if required).
  • Support/advice regarding risk management/assessment.
  • Unlimited access via telephone/email or through school site visits on all aspects of educational visits/offsite activities – advice and interpretation of statutory requirements and best practice.
  • Notification process for ALL medium/higher risk visits and activities (as agreed) to support the Employing Body, Leadership Teams and the EVC with approval.
  • Support for EVC’s with regard to 3rd party provider suitability.
  • Regular EVC updates.
  • Annual site meeting with the EVC – process sampling with report produced.
  • Access to a range of accredited and quality assured training including; EVC, EVC revalidation, Visit Leaders, Visit Emergency’s, Employer/Governing Body responsibilities, Outdoor Learning Cards etc.
  • In the event of demanding visits, emergency or critical incidents direct support for establishment emergency contact(s) both within and outside of normal school hours including weekends and holiday periods.
  • In the event of emergency’s or incidents a follow up review of lessons learned.
  • I can work with paper based systems or electronic systems such as e-Visits, Evolve etc.
  • Bespoke training can be delivered by arrangement.

For schools delivering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award:

  • Technical support as a Directly Licensed Centre (DLC).
  • Policy/procedure development (as required).
  • Notification/check process for expeditions/ventures – training/practice/qualifying. This includes staff competence, ratios, route suitability and safety.
Support for schools delivering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Visits Emergency Support Network – Providing even greater reassurance

The Visits Emergency Support Network (VESN) has been developed recently. It is supported by highly experienced and competent Outdoor Education Advisers based across the Midlands Region.

VESN has been introduced to:

  • Provide direct support to your school at times of an emergency/critical incident in the event that your normal Outdoor Education Adviser (OEA) is unavailable for any reason.
  • Provide initial contact through the telephone number(s) supplied and OEA telephone advice/support in the first instance.
  • Provide additional support by the contacted OEA undertaking a school site visit if the situation requires.

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